25 GDPR Compliant Software Companies - The Trustworthy Vendors

25 GDPR Compliant Software Companies - The Trustworthy Vendors

Many software companies claim to be the GDPR Compliant Software. But it takes a lot for companies embedded in our current structures to fundamentally change their business practices and processes to comply with a change in legislation. When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced, it required exactly this kind of strenuous effort and commitment from companies in order to be compliant. The process of GDPR compliance is, of course, a long-term and continuous process.

Companies do not only have to internally modify the way they work but also have to pay attention to the vendors they pick and work with. The vendors basically include all the softwares that you will use whether it for sending marketing emails or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. To make your life easier and also to celebrate the hard work of companies who have successfully embarked on the GDPR compliance process, we decided to compile a list of vendors who are GDPR compliant. So here it goes in no particular order:

GDPR Compliance Software


Basically, a Marketing software that allows you to analyse, optimise and personalise your website with different tools all in one place.

They have clearly thought out their GDPR compliance process since they have all the essentials of a responsible data processor. To offer GDPR compliant services for A/B Testing and heatmaps is not an easy feat but they have proven that it is in fact achievable! They have an opt-out button that you can use and their privacy policy from their parent company: Freshwords is quite comprehensive. This GDPR compliant software has the most detailed information about their practices.

For more information, check out: Freshmarketer


This software allows you to make surveys with a high completion rate due to the conversational nature of their surveys. Our favourite part is their empowering approach to the GDPR where they state:

“We are the facilitators who make data processing and management simple for you. You control and own your data!”

They also transparently give you a short checklist of everything they have done to comply with the GDPR.

For more information, check out: Survey Sparrow


Another automated sales email outreach software for your business that allows for integration with your Google account, Exchange account and Office 365 account among many others.

We love that they already had an effective GDPR program starting 01.01.2018 where they provided the status of their different GDPR related activities. Not only that, their GDPR compliance page follows a simple question-answer format to make it simpler for anyone to read as well as answer any questions people might have. They also have a GDPR e-book that they have created from their own experience!

For more information, check out: Woodpecker


If you have a huge number of subscribers whom you want to reach out to then this is the GDPR compliant software that you should get. It offers integrations, automation through time-based onboarding and drip sequences among other features.

They have added Full GDPR compliance in their Added Features List. All their servers are based in the European Union (EU) and they also have a checklist of what they have done and one for you to know how they keep you compliant as a Vendor.

For more information, check out: EmailOctopus


This service allows you to make your own creative pop-ups that can effectively pop-up at intervals that would increase conversion for you.

They have followed’s steps and are endorsed by us in their GDPR compliance efforts. They have comprehensively done all their Records of Processing Activities as well as have an updated privacy policy and Data Protection Agreements with vendors. And they did such a great job of completing all the steps in our app that they earned a Badge! Well done, Poptin!

For more information, check out: Poptin


This Conversion software allows you to personalise your content by segmenting your website visitors and providing them the relevant content accordingly. And of course, they do this in a GDPR compliant way.

According to the GDPR, they are a processor and their “Data Processing” description on their dedicated GDPR page shows that they really have thought through their compliance. Their customer can understand how they are keeping their data secure as well as who is their sub-processor. Their page and privacy policy is comprehensive making them another transparent and compliant vendor.

For more information, check out: Unless


Another Marketing vendor that has clearly made considerable efforts to become GDPR compliant. These are the features they provide: Powerful Retargeting, Custom Domains, Branding, Smooth Link Shortening and even QR codes for your marketing efforts.

Their GDPR compliance seems very consumer oriented and empowering. This can be seen in their headline for the contact form that goes straight to their Data Protection Officer. It reads:

“Exercise your rights under GDPR”

You can submit your request by choosing it from the drop-down box and then submitting it. Very interactive compliance!

For more information, check out: RocketLink


This one is all about driving up your conversion through effective link shortening and sharing for various advertisement activities. It even allows you to personalise your 404 error when one of your links doesn’t work.

They help their European Customers gain consent for their advertising activities very simply! Here’s how they do it:

“Display a customized CTA only to your European visitors and automatically fire the pixel based on your visitor's choice.”

Their updated privacy policy informs their customers of their rights under the GDPR!

For more information, check out: PixelMe


Are you a tweeting marketer looking for followers? Then this is the tool for you. It finds you followers from your target market.

It’s privacy policy and GDPR compliance is so well-structured that if you are looking for a specific piece of information or have a particular question, you can simply click on the relevant question headline and it takes you to that part.

For more information, check out: Jooicer


This one is for marketing agencies and managers who collaborate with teams and clients regularly. You can create, share, get feedback and get approved the content that you create for your company or other companies easily.

It is a US based company but they have an updated privacy policy that reflects their GDPR efforts. Their privacy policy tells you exactly the type of data they collect through their service but also through cookies and other tracking technologies. They also have a dedicated email address where you can submit your Data Subject Access Requests and they promise to acknowledge and process them in 30 days.

For more information, check out: Gain


Another US based company for Retail Marketing Automation via Facebook Messenger. Basically, it helps with closing sales and building valuable long term relationships.

Their Privacy Policy is pretty straightforward and because they work with Facebook as their main partner (which we can imagine isn’t easy given the loss of trust they recently faced from consumers), they do a pretty good job of effectively providing links to privacy initiatives from their partners. They provided their customers with the GDPR compliant policies of all their big partners like Amazon and Shopify!

For more information, check out: Shopmessage


For content marketing, optimization and social media marketing: Elokenz offers a range of these services to bloggers and content marketers.

We have to say that its Privacy Policy in line with the GDPR is absolutely on point! They provide you with a policy summary that is easy to go through and then just below it you can delve into details if you need to. Not only that we love that they have little icons in the summary. Talk about marketing the privacy policy!

For more information, check out: Elokenz


If your business is based on a huge volume of calls, this is your software to optimise the distribution and attendance rates of your calls. You can use the data from marketing initiatives check which campaign made your phone ring or how your call agents are doing.

Since they will clearly be dealing with a lot of data, we were very curious to find out what efforts they had made to be GDPR compliant. Their privacy policy is updated in line with the GDPR and they also guide the reader to the relevant part:

“If you are a visitor of a site which is running services provided by Ringostat (“Ringostat Enabled Site”), the ‘End Users’ section of this Privacy Policy applies to you.”

For more information, check out: Ringostat

Designed for Small and Medium Businesses, Reply is a comprehensive Sales Platform that helps you take your sales to the next level. The platform also automates outreach to potential employees and bloggers as well as influencers for PR purposes.

We find their little GDPR Ready icon at the top of their page absolutely brilliant! Once you click on this icon, they give you a detailed overview of their responsibilities and the contact people in case of any issues. They serve as an example of how GDPR actually increases trust among your customers if your business remains transparent about their data collection activities.

For more information, check out:


Taskdrive allows you to outsource your lead research so you can focus on other tasks. The service is pretty straightforward and so is their GDPR compliance. They have the consent checkbox for their forms that prospective customers provide their data through. They also clearly state that “consent is voluntary”. Their privacy policy is updated and they also provide the link to their data retention policy.

For more information, check out: Taskdrive


Here’s a tool that combines different tools all in one. It offers CRM, HRM, invoices, reports, contacts and projects all in one platform. It makes collaboration easy and makes managing projects very convenient too.

Their GDPR efforts are clear through their updated privacy policy and their dedicated GDPR page. They clearly have incorporated the principles of the GDPR in their business and this is our favourite part:

Revisiting GDPR compliance regularly.

As part of our commitment to remaining GDPR compliant and respecting the privacy of our users, we will revisit this document at least once per year to ensure that all of the information is accurate and up-to-date.”

For more information, check out: Teamwave


This tool helps you create and automate your sales funnel. It allows for a range of different integrations with mailboxes and also helps your Sales team collaborate.

Their GDPR compliance can be seen in their Privacy Policy which has detailed content on all their GDPR related efforts. Not only that their CEO personally was involved in all their compliance activities. The have divided their privacy policy by content and function so it is easy for their business customers to see. They also link the privacy policies of all their vendors so their customers can trust their services.

We are also using Salesflare because their focus on GDPR compliance is a priority. We also believe that they are the GDPR Compliant Software company because we regularly see their documentation.

For more information, check out: Salesflare


This International Google mail oriented Customer Relation Management (CRM) System allows for carrying out sales, support and hiring activities all from your inbox.

Their commitment to data protection is evident in the fact that they comply with both the California Online Privacy Protection Act and the GDPR. Not only that their dramatic Privacy Policy sub-heading gives us goosebumps:

“We never share potentially dangerous information. We stand by our no-spam policy.”

For more information, check out: Streak


If you are looking for a Customer Relationship Management tool that is built on the basic principles of GDPR and allows you to take consent before recording any information through webforms and opt-in check boxes, but also it allows you to deal with all the Data Subject Requests that you might get.

“Freshsales makes it easy to view, export, and delete records in a single click!”

This is in line with the rights that the GDPR empowers users with to ask for their data at any point.

For more information, check out: Freshsales

This Belgium based Sales automation platform has warmed our Data-Protection-crazed hearts. Not only do they have an updated Security Policy, they also have a Privacy Policy with all the vendors as well as the right information to make their users aware of their rights. And they don’t stop there! They even help their customers understand the GDPR with the frequently asked questions on a dedicated GDPR Page. They even clarify the role of cold e-mailing under the GDPR, which has been on the minds of a lot of businesses:

“The GDPR does not outlaw the use of cold emailing, as long as the emails you are sending are directed to people who will find their content useful. Certain requirements also need to be fulfilled nonetheless:

  • The topic of the email must be clearly identified.
  • There must be a clear way to opt out from future emails.
  • A genuine physical address must be included in the email.
  • The sender must be clearly identified.”

For more information, check out:


Another subsidiary of Freshworks: it provides its customers with an automated IT help desk which combines IT Project and IT Asset Management. Freshservice shows its commitment to the principles of the GDPR through a dedicated page that informs its users of the steps Freshservice has taken to be compliant as well as the specific features they provide to make their help desk and consequently your business (if you use them) GDPR compliant. Not only that, Freshservice seems to have mastered Privacy by Design as they themselves claim:

“Programs, projects, and processes at Freshservice are aligned to Privacy Principles right from the inception of an idea or project…”

For more information, check out: Fresh Service


Crankwheel is a screen sharing tool that works on any device and apparently also with a bad network connection.

Within their privacy policy, they have divided their sub-processors into function based categories and they link their respective privacy policies. Their headings are concise and add value to the content of the privacy policy. They even give advice on how their customers can comply in their privacy policy:

“How Data Controllers Using CrankWheel as a Data Processor (Sub-Processor) Should Prepare”

For more information, check out: Crankwheel

This workflow management tool simplifies your daily work tasks by helping you create a process list and a checklist to see what has been done and what still needs to be done for certain repetitive tasks at work. It basically simplifies your work by allowing for integrations as well as reusing checklists and procedure documents.

It comes as no surprise then that their GDPR compliance is succinctly explained in an article: GDPR Statement. Simple and easy just like the gist of their service.

For more information, check out:


An ecommerce platform that enables entrepreneurs and marketers to focus on growing their business. It allows you to use drag and drop to build your website, build your payment system and also collect data in a GDPR compliant manner. They have a dedicated page with a checklist for their GDPR efforts as well. Our favourite part about their checklist is the transparency that they show. Take a look at this pointer:

“Thoroughly test all of the changes to verify & validate compliance with GDPR – IN PROGRESS - ETA 8th June 2018”

Not only are they making efforts to be compliant, they even have a goal set for the time that they want to reach it in. #lifegoals

For more information, check out: Subbly


This Bulgarian company provides a Google Mail tool for task management making project management tools necessary for your business. You can do it all from your Google mailbox.

Their GDPR compliant Privacy Policy is structured by their apps and services. They have divided it into what each of their different applications collect and do with the data. For instance, their Android mobile app, their extension, their default settings. They concisely mention all the relevant and important information.

For more information, check out: Yanado

In this article, we have on our own picked 25 different tools that have taken measures to be GDPR compliant software. We have not reached out to these companies because we wanted to be unbiased in our evaluation of their GDPR efforts. Of course, there is no guarantee what they actually do in practice but if their privacy policies and information about the GDPR to its users is any indication, our guess is that they really do care about their customers data. So if you are looking for Sales and Marketing or Productivity related tools, just click on the link in the article and buy them! We recommend using one of these tools instead of one that might or might not be GDPR compliant.

Disclaimer: We do not claim that these are a 100% GDPR compliant software. We have not done an internal audit. We researched 100 SaaS Startups. The information on their website is the only information we used to assess their GDPR compliance.

And if you need to do any GDPR related documentation for your company, sign up now! It takes less than a minute.