How ECOMPLY supports a CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager)

A CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager) has completed and proven relevant training on administering privacy programs. In this article, we inspect how ECOMPLY is built to support CIPMs in practically implementing a successful privacy program.

The CIPM program is about:

  • Creating a company vision
  • Structuring the privacy team
  • Developing and implementing a privacy program framework
  • Communicating to stakeholders
  • Measuring performance
  • Accompanying the privacy program operational life cycle

Create a company vision

During the visionary, initial phase of establishing a privacy program, the challenges may seem insurmountable. Often, the first tangible result to present to management at this phase is the company-wide data protection policy. ECOMPLY supports this step by providing an excellent document template to get you started on your way. Prove to management that you are on the right track to implementing and running a successful privacy program right from the start.

Establish a data governance model

Once the theoretical framework is pronounced, it is time to establish a practical model that fits the organization at hand. The ECOMPLY organizational chart mapper assists in defining departments, locations, people and roles. This structure is crucial to documenting and implementing all of the later data governance steps.

Establish a privacy program

Generally termed data mapping or a data inventory, establishing a privacy program revolves around understanding what is going on in the organization. ECOMPLY supports this step by being the privacy program’s core element. What gets documented, who has access and what workflows are to be followed is all documented inside the Data Protection Management System.

Structure the privacy team

With all structures and tools in place, it is time to involve the most important element of a successful privacy program: the people who do it. ECOMPLY allows users to contribute and collaborate on the software with permissions assigned that can limit access if necessary. Items to which people have access can be delegated, discussed and worked off in collaboration.

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Develop the privacy program framework

The biggest advantage of using ECOMPLY as your privacy software stems from the fact that it has the framework built in. The assets, events and processes that are being tracked are already linked behind the scenes to quickly create a cohesive, effective operation and documentation. Hundreds of templates help to never start empty-handed.

Implement the privacy program framework

Regardless if you track measures, document processes, respond to data subject access requests, handle incidents or create documents to disseminate inside the organization - ECOMPLY provides tools and templates for every step.


Once the privacy program is in place and running, hundreds of activities need to be tracked. Measures are progressing. Assets are changing. Processing activities become outdated. Unexpected events like incidents or data subject access requests may occur. The ECOMPLY data map, reminders system, log book and metrics assist you in keeping oversight like no other solution on the market.

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Hauke Holtkamp, CEO ECOMPLY GmbH