Enabling Better Data Protection
We turn DPOs into heroes by giving them time for the important things - people and assessments. Our software automates and simplifies time consuming tasks of day-to-day data protection. This gives you and your team more time for the things that cannot be automated like Q&A, support, training and legal assessments.
We combine Software and Integration Services to make our customer more successful.

We understand our customers' challenges and help to overcome them. In constant feedback loops with our customers, we improve the product and go the journey together.

Our software solves problems. The digitisation of data protection processes makes it possible to increase efficiency, reduce errors and improve form.

We are specialists for data protection, combining legal tasks, technical infrastructure and procedural experience.

We generate value by connecting the right technology with smart people.

We work as a team and are always available to our customers. We do this with passion and joy.

We live a culture of responsibility. There is freedom and room for personal development. And there is responsibility for own actions.

We are all responsible for our the sustainable development of partnerships, society and environment.

This approach give us the power to master the challenges ahead of us.
Data Protection Made in Germany
Created to help European companies comply with the new European Data Protection Law (GDPR) and established in 2017, in Munich Germany, we support, facilitate, and offer new business opportunities to firms and companies affected by the Law. ECOMPLY has helped shape the groundbreaking years of global data protection. We are currently supporting over 400 businesses in 13 countries with the management of data protection.

Aside from our headquarters in Munich, we maintain sales representation in São Paulo, Brazil, and Montreal, Canada.

Our History
The General Data Protection regulation was passed as law, triggering a shift in global attitudes towards privacy.
Hauke Holtkamp and Aazar Shad laid the foundation for what is now ECOMPLY. The first version of the software product was created and made available to pilot programs.
In January, the product was made public in German and English, ready for the enforcement of the GDPR in May 2018. The ECOMPLY team size doubled.
The ECOMPLY software was expanded, tuned and made available to enterprises.
ECOMPLY expanded beyond Europe to Brazil, where the LGPD came into effect. Our sales representation in São Paulo was established.
We have deepened our product spectrum. All modules received an update, we have added dozens more templates and the biggest innovation: the (in our opinion) best Data Protection Impact Assessment Assistant available in any software.
Starting this year, ECOMPLY offers a secure whistleblowing channel which is often used to get in touch with established data protection departments.