Data Protection Made Easy

Easy GDPR compliance with the power of your team.
Over 400 organizations have successfully managed their data protection compliance with ECOMPLY.
ECOMPLY is easy to use

See your progress in percentages and checks and navigate intuitively within the software.

ECOMPLY has everything you need built into one platform

Data Protection involves many topics. ECOMPLY contains Records of Processing Activities, TOMs, Audits, Incident, Data Subject Access Requests, DPIAs, just to name a few.

ECOMPLY has assistance built in

The Path To Compliance tells you what to do in what order (of course you can also work in another order). The system reminds you of deadlines and tasks via email.

ECOMPLY guides you through the data protection tasks in order of priority

Not everything is equally important for data protection. ECOMPLY is structured around building a solid data protection organization without getting lost in the process.

ECOMPLY makes authorities happy

One of the reasons why your organization needs to take care of data protection is the pressure by data protection authorities. ECOMPLY is built around delivering exactly what authorities ask for and like to see.

Take control of data protection inside your organisation