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The go-to software
for data protection experts

ECOMPLY DPMS is specifically built to support external Data Protection Officers (DPO) and lawyers alike in their day-to-day work; we therefore prioritised features specifically addressing those needs.
  • Report Generation
  • Unlimited Number of Clients
  • Dashboard
  • Audit
  • Templates
  • Vendor Management
  • Document Management
  • DSARs & Incidents
  • DPIA Assessment
  • Streamlined Processes
Grow your client base. Save time, make money.
  • Adding a new client takes 80% less time
  • Client Overview including status, open to-dos and much more
  • Centralized document management reduces search time by 90%
  • New employees are onboarded in just one day and pay off after the second day
  • Collaborate with new team members thanks to standardized workflows
  • ECOMPLY thinks ahead and reminds of repetitive tasks and periodic audits
  • Easy reporting with one click, 3x more audits at the same time
  • Handle 4x more clients per employee
  • ECOMPLY.io
    The best solution to grow your GDPR business infinitely
How does ECOMPLY support you?
Billable hours from day one
Run audits professionally and generate the report with one-click
No more copy and pasting
Record your client’s organization in a useful format: records of processing activities, data subject access requests, incidents and toms
Keep track of lengthy processes
Manage third party vendors and associated contracts
Assess organizations quickly
Easily oversee your clients with the convenient data map
Prove your work to your clients
Stay accountable and easily generate your work reports with the Logbook
Scale infinitely
ECOMPLY supports thousands of clients and you can involve as many of your colleagues as needed
React fast and never lose track
With the powerful clients dashboard giving you the overview of open todos and status indication
Be professional and stand out
All automatically generated reports for your clients have a consistent layout containing both your and your clients logo and contact information. This enhances your professional appearance and makes you stand out
What our clients say ...
O ECOMPLY.io ajuda o meu escritório a atender ainda melhor os meus clientes nos assuntos relacionados à conformidade com a LGPD de forma colaborativa. Com uma interface intuitiva e amigável, possibilita seguir os passos para a conformidade de forma simples e fácil, centraliza toda a documentação relacionada em um único repositório e ainda gera relatórios importantes.
Alexandre Atheniense
Sócio em Alexandre Atheniense Advogados
Como consultor e especialista em proteção de dados, o ECOMPLY tem sido primordial no apoio do nosso trabalho de adequação da LGPD e GDPR dos nossos clientes. Um sistema intuitivo que além de registrar todos os tratamentos de dados conforme sua licitude, é de fácil navegação, que neste momento tão digital é de extrema importância para os nossos clientes, tornando muito eficiente o nosso atendimento e acompanhamento das atividades realizadas no ECOMPLY.
Eduardo Maroso